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Visas, Documents & Customs...
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Zanzibar is a part of the United Republic of Tanzania

Visas are required by almost all nationalities and should be obtained well in advance of departure and the cost depends upon your nationality. Tourist visas are usually issued with a 3 month validity, although this is often restricted on entry to Tanzania, one month being the usual period. For those who do not have a visa before arriving in Tanzania it is possible to obtain a tourist's visa for a single entry at any one of the four main entries in Tanzania - subject to the fullfillment of all immigration and health requirements. The four main entry points in Tanzania are Dar Es Salaam international airport, Zanzibar international airport, Kilimanjaro international airport and Namanga entry point (Tanzanian-Kenya border point).

Some embassies offer the visa application form on the internet, but the application process still has to take place in the real world.

For more information visit the Tanzanian government’s UK website:

Driving Licence
International driving licences are required. Failing this you can use your national licence to get a temporary Tanzanian licence from the traffic police, but this is more time consuming.

Health Card

Visitors from countries infected with Cholera and Yellow Fever must produce international certificates of vaccination. Travellers from the Tanzanian mainland to the island of Zanzibar will need to have a yellow fever certificate.

Travel Insurance

It is advisable to have full travel insurance prior to setting off from your home destination.


It is illegal to export shells, coral, ivory and turtle shell.

There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency you can take into the country, although sums over $10,000 must be declared. The amount of local currency you can take out of the country is restricted to Tsh 2000.

Visitors arriving at Zanzibar pass through local customs, even if arriving from mainland Tanzania.
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